Ladies: 5 Ways to Style Odd Socks

Hopefully by now you have all seen our most recent Instagram posts showcasing our latest photoshoot with Alexandra (if not, what are you waiting for? Follow us @bsilysocks and see what we're up to!). We have put together 5 casual outfits for 5 different odd pairs of socks. We would love to hear your opinion or see photos of you wearing other cool ass outfits paired up with our odd socks. Enjoy!  

Outfit 1 feat. The One From the Logo odd socks. 

This is our brightest and most colourful pair and as such we wanted it to be the star of the show! We paired these socks with some fancy looking Kaki joggers, a white tube top (both from Bershka), a denim jacket from Topshop which, is a definite must-have in your wardrobe! And some white Adidas Originals. Simple, easy look but yet creating a statement with your green odd socks.

Outfit 1

Photo (2) - Outfit 1

Photo - Outfit 1

Outfit 2 feat. Red Navy odd socks.

This was definitely our favourite outfit and it seemed to be yours too! We wanted to play with the navy (which is so in right now by the way!) and red colours but still keeping it simple. We paired these up with some distressed denim jeans from Tally Weijl, the perfect white jumper from Missguided which looks like it's from Tommy Hilfiger and some Stan Smith trainers from Adidas. We added a Pull & Bear brown backpack for a more adventurous look and a red lip to match of course.

Outfit 2

Photo - Outfit 2

Photo - Outfit 2 (2)

Outfit 3 feat. Red Velvet odd socks.

Our most popular odd sock pair was paired up with a denim skirt which, we've seen a lot of this year, from Bershka, a cute slogan long sleeve grey top from Pull & Bear and white Converse. We love seeing these paired up with shorts and skirts, scroll down on our Instagram page to see how #SillyPeople style it up. 

Outfit 3

Photo - Outfit 3

Photo - Outfit 3 (2)

Outfit 4 feat. Odd Tribe odd socks. 

This pair is the perfect choice for someone who loves nude colours and it couldn't be more appropriate for the Autumn/Winter season. Since nude goes with pretty much everything, this is a very versatile pair. We chose to keep it simple by pairing it up with some denim jeans from Pull & Bear, a white top, a nude satin bomber jacket from Bershka and some cool (again, nude) sneakers from Puma. 

Outfit 4

Photo - Outfit 4

Photo - Outfit 4 (2)

Outfit 5 feat. Gray of Grey's odd socks

And last, but definitely not least! Our most basic pattern/colour scheme design for those who wear odd socks but prefer to keep it to a minimum. Black and grey are also very easy colours to play with, as such, we paired these with a checkered black and white skirt, a black long-sleeve top with a lace-up neckline detail (both from Pull & Bear - i swear we are not sponsored by the brand, Alexandra just clearly loves their clothing!), and some black Converse.

Outfit 5

Photo - Outfit 5

Photo - Outfit 5 (2)

We hope you loved these outfits as much as we did, these are just some ideas on how to make a statement with your outfits even when bright colours and patterns might be a little out of your comfort zone.

As always, stay silly :)
Sam & Lily

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