Best Collaborations of 2017

Hi Silly People, welcome back! With the new year, we reflected on all the Instagrammers, Bloggers and influencers with whom we have collaborated with since we went live back in May 2017. Whether its for their dedication, continuous support or for their amazing photos featuring our odd socks, we thought of sharing with you some of the best BSily collaborations. In no particular order, here it goes:

Jonathan & Carmen

There is no doubt that the Italian market was very welcoming to BSily since the very start. Italians seem to love our comfortable odd socks and eventually, we caught the attention of these two super talented photographers. Here are some of the super cool photos they sent us featuring the beautiful model Andreè, Red Navy & Red Velvet odd socks. 


 Find out more about these talented creators:

JonathanCarmen & Andreè


I'm sure you've seen a lot of Charlie's content featured in our Instagram  and Facebook page (if you haven't, you should definitely follow us!). Charlie shares his life as an advertiser and posts interesting content such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle and is always up to date on the latest trends! We have recently collaborated on our very first giveaway which was a great success and we could not be more appreciative for his support and trust. Here are some of his photos featuring most of our odd socks.

Charlie's PhotoCharlie's Photo

Find out more about Charlie: 

 Blog, Instagram & Facebook 


Michele is another Italian influencer who has recently started his own Instagram profile featuring some of the coolest socks out there and of course our odd socks are continuously featured. We are also currently collaborating on a giveaway, make sure to check his page if you want to be able to win 4 pairs of BSily odd socks chosen by him. Michele is a sock lover with a unique style and he gets compliments everywhere he goes when wearing our colourful odd socks. Here are some of his photos featured on our Instagram.

Michele's PhotoMichele's Photo

More about Michele:



Serena was our biggest surprise of 2017. We want to start collaborating more often with designers and illustrators who understand our brand and what we stand for and are able to translate that into some kind of animation. And that is exactly what Serena did for us, she kindly put on to paper (well, computer screen really) what she thought BSily was all about. We then sent it out for printing and our stickers arrived the day after Christmas! Best Christmas present! As you might have seen on our Instagram stories (I'm telling you, you should really follow us!), we shared it with you and now, everyone who purchases our odd socks will receive Serena's stickers alongside our logo stickers. 


More about the incredibly talented Serena:



Joni, another talented Italian photographer who contacted us, claims to love to travel, art, food and obviously photography! You should definitely check out his Instagram page as he features very picturesque photos. He was incredibly kind, and provided us with various photos for our social media! Here are some of them featuring our Odd Tribe odd socks. 

Joni's PhotoJoni's photo

 More about Joni:



And last, but definitely not least, Fran is located closer to home, Spain and he has the coolest photography style which we're obsessed with! Many of his shoots, feature his girlfriend and they are seriously couple goals! We were surprised to receive as many photos as we did! Here are some of them featuring Pure Blue odd socks.

More about this lovely couple:


If you've reached this point, thank you for reading our blog post. We would like to wish you all the best for 2018 and we cannot wait to share with you all of the projects we have been working on. Thank you for your support <3

As always, stay silly :)
Sam & Lily

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