Gentlemen: 4 Ways to Style Odd Socks

Since we got such amazing feedback for our last blog post on the womens' edition on how to style up odd socks, we decided to do the same for men, inspired by our best collaboration yet with Charlie. If you haven't already, and if you do understand Portuguese check out his blog and social media for super creative content. Charlie came up with a mix of 4 smart and casual outfits featuring our odd socks:

Outfit 1 feat. A Clue For Blue odd socks

On those days you definitely don't know what to wear and are feeling uninspired, a plain white T is the way forward! Charlie pairs his white "Awesome" slogan t-shirt with denim black jeans from Zara and lets his colourful odd socks do all the talking! 

Outfit 1

Outfit 2 feat. Pythagoras odd socks

For those of you who think bright socks call for a plain outfit, this one is perfect for you! Charlie pairs up our bright orange and blue odd socks with a nude colour scheme. A black polo with burgundy and cream collar detailing from Fred Perry with some burgundy denim jeans from Zara. He dresses up the outfit by adding accessories such as a gold Casio watch.

Outfit 2

Outfit 3 feat. Red Velvet odd socks

This is our personal fav, our Red Velvet odd socks go with almost everything! Charlie decides to keep it simple by pairing them up with, a white Levis slogan t-shirt, blue denim jeans from Pull & Bear and white Lacoste trainers. Simple, trendy but different. 

Outfit 3

Outfit 4 feat. The One From The Logo odd socks

And last but definitely not least, for a smarter look on those days where you have to look like you put some effort into styling your outfit! Charlie suggests a white shirt with some black detailing and some dark blue denim jeans with frayed ankle detailing both from Zara. Perfect to make the bright green stand out (not that it needs any help!).

Outfit 4

We hope you have enjoyed Charlie's suggestions, let us know if you followed his advice or if you would style it differently by tagging us on Instagram. We have listed Charlie's social media accounts below so you can give him some love. 

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As always, stay silly :) 
Sam & Lily

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