How the Community Have Styled BSily Socks

Hello and happy New Year! Did you receive some bright and colourful socks over the Christmas period and are unsure on how to style them and incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe? We figured this would be a good blog post to start off the year. Without any further ado, here are 3 ways the community have styled our mismatching socks.

1. Simple Tees & Shorts

If you want your socks to do all the talking and really show them off, it seems like the community prefer to wear simple T-shirts and bottoms that show more skin. Greta (@greph23) embraces our Zig Zag mismatched socks and lets the accessories do all the talking with mirrored sunglasses and subtle odd socks. Check out his instagram, his feed is full of colour! (Third photo from Lois Clark - @loissclark)

2. Oversized Jumpers

For those wanting to follow fashion trends, an oversized jumper/hoodie will always do the job. We love how Sveva (@crullapoision) has given us an edgier look with our Red Navy odd socks by adding some fishnet tights. (Second photo from Ana Rita - @anaritaferreira)

Ana Rita Instagram

3. Statement Pieces

Lastly, we've seen a lot of the community trying to match our odd socks with an existing statement piece in their wardrobe. This not only provides more coherence in your outfit but also just looks so good! For example, our lovely sticker designer Serena (@sereesly) matched her red converse with our Red Navy odd socks and added a red blazer! Red on red on red! Love it! (Second photo from Fran - @fran_flash)

We hope this post has helped you and make sure to tag us on your photos when showing off your outfits with fun and colourful socks!

As always, stay silly :)

Sam & Lily


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