'Tis The Sock Season

'Tis The Sock Season 

If you haven't noticed already, the Christmas holiday season is the time of year everyone shows off their sock game, especially on social media. It's sock galore EVERYWHERE! So if you are wondering about how to drive attention to your socks, this post may be for you!

Choosing the Right Pair

This might seem a pretty basic step but in order for your socks to get all the attention, you need to choose fancy pairs that not only complete your outfit but also that are different to the norm. What better choice than BSily Socks? We offer many colourful patterns as well as simple classical options that will not only make people stop scrolling through their Instagram feed but will definitely be a conversation starter since they are mismatching pairs! Our best sellers are Red Velvet (very appropriate for the Holiday season), Zig Zag (from our latest collection) and Red Navy.

Lighting & Angles 

This might be one of the most important steps, figuring out where the best lighting is and what angle flatters you and your odd socks the most. To showcase your socks make sure to roll up your trousers at least twice so you can truly show what design/colour you are rocking that day, make sure you have natural light in front of you and I always find that the best angle is from a taller perspective. Boom... You'll definitely have more people interacting with your photo than just your immediate family! 

Filters & Scheduling 

If you think your photo doesn't seem that artistic or Instagram worthy, wait until you edit it. Everything comes together in this last step. Make sure to change the lighting & contrast filter, as well as playing around with separate filter apps. I personally like to use the Rookie Cam filter app... I'm not a professional, just trying to look like I know what i'm doing! And last but definitely not least, choose wisely when to post. If you don't have a business Instagram account it's more challenging figuring out when is best to post as this is different for everyone. Work it out for a week, do a few test runs and figure out when you'll get the most engagement! Don't forget to include some Christmas inspired hashtags to make sure your photo appears on other people's discovery page.

Bam! #sockgame strong  

Our most engaged photos (Left to Right - @_fedesavi / @charliecfm / @bsilysocks)


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