About Us

Hi there!

Welcome to the BSily Socks website. My name is Lily, and my partner, Sam, (Get it? Sam+Lily = Sily) and I wanted to create a space for all of you who live by the cliché phrase, “Life is too short to wear matching socks”. We believe we have developed creative yet, stylish odd sock designs that you can incorporate in your everyday life. Whether you are in a funky, bold mood, or your are feeling a more classical look, BSily provides you with a variety of styles that allow you to be your true, authentic, self. 
Our mission is exactly that, to allow people to express themselves in their own silly kind of way. 
So, join the #SillyPeople community by following our social media platforms and share your love and happiness for BSily socks with us.
Happy shopping and as always, stay silly :)
Sam & Lily
Sam & Lily - Founders of BSilySocks